Wedding Planning

Photo by Focal Point Photographics

Photo by Focal Point Photographics

Just wanted to reach out to you to say thank you so very much. You made Ray and Athena’s day so very special. At one point Athena even reached out to me and said that the room was how she envisioned it and she was just so happy with how everything was. So thank you so much for your help. You made our day so much easier. Please pass on our appreciation to everyone who helped out on your team.
— Deb, mother of the bride

You're getting married! It's so exciting! Soon you’ll be swept up in whirlwind of shopping, cake tastings, flower selection, budget revisions, timeline scheduling, vendor management… Wait a minute. Did things just get less fun in here?

Yes, weddings are a lot of fun. We wouldn’t make weddings our job if they weren’t. But the fact is, along with the fun come some considerably less fun tasks. Things like developing and sticking to a budget. Managing a team of contractors. Fitting approximately 3,287 little things into a timeline only a few hours long and making sure it works seamlessly the first time (’cause that’s the only time you get).

That's why we’re here. Can you get married without the help of an event professional? Of course you can. But if you have the option of getting professional help, why wouldn’t you?

Pretty Entertaining has been planning Washington DC weddings since 2008. We have service packages to fit every need, and we’re always happy to customize a proposal just for you.

We offer:

Basic Wedding Planning

Comprehensive Wedding Planning

Wedding Weekend Planning

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