Wedding Design

Planning a really stunning wedding can be challenging. It's easy to gather ideas you love, but editing all of those influences down into a cohesive plan that works -- and reflects who you are as a couple! -- is a little more difficult.

Pretty Entertaining's Wedding Design team will work with you to go beyond your collection of pinned and clipped images, learning what you love, what you don't love so much, and what makes you, You!

A very sincere thank you for an incredible wedding weekend. You were so much more than kind and helpful in assisting Zoe and Marc with their dream come true wedding. You saw their vision, heard and listened to their words and brought the entire wedding weekend to life. It was quite an event! We are all still relishing and enjoying the memories as we retell their story. Please accept our family’s sincere gratitude for an incredible weekend.
— Jo Ellin, mother of the bride

Our ultimate goal is to help you craft a celebration that tells your love story from start to finish, with every little detail working together beautifully. When we hear your guests saying, "Wow, that wedding was just so... Them!" we know we've done our job well.

Our Wedding Design staff can assist you with:

  • Defining your wedding style
  • Selecting a color palette, or putting the colors you've already selected to best use
  • Choosing lighting to enhance your venue
  • Developing a plan for flowers, linens, tabletop items, and more
  • Sourcing decor to make your wedding unique

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