a visit to the select event group showroom

I like to take you on occasional virtual field trips to some of my favorite Washington, D.C., wedding vendors, and today we're paying a visit to the Select Event Group showroom in Laurel, Maryland. Select offers rentals of nearly everything you can imagine needing for a wedding or other event. They have tents, tables and chairs, linens, tabletop items, and so much more.

Select also offers custom design services: If you're looking for something specific, like perhaps a linen in a unique pattern or a piece of furniture that you can envision but can't find anywhere, Select can actually create it for you in their expansive workshop! I got to walk through and take a peek at their craftsmen at work, and also see some of the finished creations. So cool!

I've actually had these photos since way back in January and Select has added a quite a few items to their inventory since then, but this will give you an idea of the fun that awaits you in their showroom.

The thing I love most about the Select Event Group showroom is that it can be really hard to envision how all of your wedding details will look together, but when you come to Select's showroom you get to pull the actual pieces out and play with them. You can switch things out, rearrange them, and ponder to your heart's content, so by the time you're done you can feel very happy that you've made the right choices for you and your event.

Interested in joining me on a real field trip to Select Event Group? Give me a call or get in touch via our Contact Us page! My team and I would love to work with you and Select to help you create the event of your dreams.