dos and don'ts for using pinterest as a wedding planning tool

Since its launch in 2010, Pinterest has become a social media fixture. It's like a virtual filing cabinet for all the recipes, crafts, clothes, and design ideas we all want to remember. It's also a really awesome wedding planning tool because it stores everything visually, so it's like a living, changing inspiration board.

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We love using Pinterest when working with our couples! There are definitely some tricks to using it well as a collaborative tool, though, so I thought I'd give you a few tips for using Pinterest productively with your wedding planner and other wedding vendors:

First, some DOs:

DO be true to yourself as you pin. Obvious, right? What else would you do with Pinterest? Well... It's more common than you'd think for people to pin what they think they're supposed to pin and leave out what they truly love. For example, maybe you really love Harry Potter and white lilies (what a great combination that would be, right?), but all of your engaged friends are pinning big, beautiful peony bouquets. When you see so much of something (in this case, the peonies) appearing in your feed, it's easy to get sucked into going with the flow and pinning it because it's pretty, even if it's not really for you. So pin the stuff you love most for your wedding on your wedding board; save the other stuff for a separate "Pretty Peonies" board or something. (Sorry, that one kind of turned into a DON'T too...)

Photo by Jennifer Cody, Egomedia Photography

Photo by Jennifer Cody, Egomedia Photography

DO create one specific board for your wedding, and we suggest you make it secret. No sense sharing spoilers with your wedding guests, right? Consolidating all the wedding-y stuff in one place makes it easy to share with your wedding planner, floral designer, lighting contractor... And once we have access to your secret board, we're automatically notified whenever you add something to it. It's like having a convenient window into your wedding mind. Only not creepy.

DO include influences that aren't specifically wedding-related, if you find them and love them, because good designers can find ways to incorporate them. That doesn't mean you need to pin every random thing you think is cool, but if you come across something is just IT for you and your wedding, add it to the board with a note explaining why it's there. Whether it's sparkly geodes, a Rubik's cube, or a picture of your favorite bicycle, I'll bet we can find a way to incorporate it — or at least the feel of it.

And now a couple of DON'Ts:

DON'T feel like you have to pare down or clean up your dedicated wedding Pinterest board before sharing it with members of your vendor team, unless what you're doing is going through and pulling out Pins that you no longer like at all. Sometimes couples make severe edits to their boards before sharing them with our team because they fear that the boards are messy or unfocused, but I actually find it helpful to see everything you've Pinned. The stuff you like most will be obvious, and seeing those other influences that might not seem like they "match" helps us build true depth of personality into your wedding designs. If we have questions about a Pin or find anything confusing, we'll ask you about it.

Photo by Pretty Entertaining

Photo by Pretty Entertaining

DON'T ask your vendors to copy your Pins outright. It's uncomfortable when couples ask vendors to do this. Why? Well, for one thing, it's plagiarism. I wouldn't have copied another student's paper when I was in college, and I don't want to directly copy a colleague's work now that I'm a professional. Second, you're selling yourself short when you ask your vendors to do this. There's no other couple like you, right? So don't have some other couple's wedding. Loving a look as an inspiration is totally fine, just trust your design team to work with you to make it your own.

I hope these ideas will help you feel more directed in your Pinning, so you can use it as effectively as possible with your team of wedding pros.

More questions? Just ask! You can always ask us right in the comments section, or ask your own wedding planner or other vendors. We're always happy to help!