9 Cascading Wedding Bouquets We Love

I'm an only child but my parents each have four siblings, which means I have a lot of aunts, uncles, and cousins. And that means I've been to a lot of family weddings in my lifetime! Our family's seen weddings of all kinds: Super formal church weddings, traditional German weddings, Texas weddings with lots of barbecue and two stepping and cold beer... All of them different; all of them completely awesome and fun.

Because of the ages of my cousins, the 1980s were a particularly rich season for family weddings. I spent many a summer evening running around with a pack of kids, all gussied up in my Gunne Sax dress, mentally inventorying wedding details. One wedding detail I did. not. like. was the cascading wedding bouquet, which always seemed to make an appearance. They were like giant floral shields, and they were right up there with leg o' mutton sleeves and super poofy veils as the ultimate in 80s wedding fashion -- at least in my family. I hated them.

Knowing all that, imagine my surprise at falling in love with cascading bouquets after all these years! They've been out of fashion for a while but, all things being cyclical, they're becoming popular again and they've come a long way. No longer a heavy wall of flowers, the modern cascading bouquet can be many things: Wild, delicate, sculptural, textured... I've gathered images of nine I absolutely love. Which is your favorite?

Top Left: Flowers by Bob Gail Special Events
Top Center: Flowers by Joy Thigpen Environments with assistance by Kelly Lenard of Intertwine Style | Photo by Bryce Covey
Top Right: Flowers by Tropical Blooms | Photo by MangoRed
Middle Left: Flowers by Finch & Thistle Event Design | Photo by Stephanie Cristalli
Middle Center: Flowers by Mindy Rice Floral Design | Photo by Jose Villa
Middle Right: Flowers by Mandy Majerik
Bottom Left: Flowers by Flourish | Photo by The Goodness
Bottom Center: Flowers by Southern Blooms | Photo by Jose Villa
Bottom Right: Flowers by Floral Verde