we love topiaries

We love topiaries! And nope, this isn't a post about gardening. Topiaries can be a wonderfully unique and versatile addition to your event or wedding decor.

A topiary is technically a shrub or other plant that's been formed into a decorative shape, but there are also topiaries formed from moss or dried plant material applied to a frame or form, so you don't necessarily need months to create one. In fact, you might not have to create one at all, as some popular shapes can be purchased premade. Look at these examples from Save On Crafts:

I've even seen readh-made moss basket and purse topiaries available for purchase in the floral department at my local Wegmans supermarket.

One of my favorite ideas is using topiaries as table numbers. Imagine this topiary 8 from Topiary Garden, an online topiary shop located in England, in a prettier container and perhaps with some flowers at the base. Perfect for a summer afternoon garden wedding, right? You can also see from this photo what the topiary form looks like both before and after it's filled in with plants. This one is being covered in ivy.

If you're looking for even more impact, then go big! Look at these giant poolside letters:

These are topiary forms from Chris' Topiary Nursery in Riverside, California, filled in with moss. A whole name like this would be perfect decor for a bar or bat mitzvah. For a wedding, imagine the couple's initials as the backdrop for the ceremony or photobooth.

Topiaries don't have to be all-green. Once you have your topiary form, you can fill it with anything you like. For example, look at this beautiful floral design by Brad Austin Imaginative Florals of Los Angeles, California:

This large "Jill" is filled with pink carnations; however, you could use other flowers too. Roses would be lovely, or imagine a similar design filled in with yellow billy balls! You'll want to consult with your floral designer about a piece like this, both because of the time involved to create it and the expert knowledge necessary to keep it looking fresh all day.

What do you think? Aren't topiaries a fun design option? How would you use them?