we love copper

I'm in love with metals as neutrals in wedding palettes. It's truly one of my favorite wedding design things ever, and in truth, there's not a metal I don't like. I do believe my favorite, though, is copper.

I'm not sure I can explain my love for copper; I've just always been drawn to it. As a kid I loved copper aged to a verdigris patina (still do, actually!), and Mr. Husband can attest to the way I'm magically drawn to the copper cookware when we're out shopping. Copper is the key element in the beautiful and chemically similar minerals malachite and azurite (yes, I loved my mineralogy class in college!). With a color that's softer than brass but stronger than rose gold, copper is... Well, it's copper!

I don't see copper used in weddings as frequently as I see other metallics, especially gold and silver, but there are plenty of striking copper elements out there to add a warm glint to your wedding palette. I've pulled together some of my favorites below.

TOP LEFT: Copper house numbers from Architectural Mailboxes make stylish table numbers.
TOP CENTER: Copper marais chairs, available for rent from Patina Rentals, New York City
TOP RIGHT: Satin dress sash with copper and translucent beads by Laura Stark
MIDDLE LEFT: Copper garden stakes used as escort cards, via Martha Stewart Weddings
MIDDLE CENTER: Wedding cake with copper and floral details by Coco Paloma Desserts, Austin, Texas
MIDDLE RIGHT: Fifi Strass pumps by Christian Louboutin
BOTTOM LEFT: Copper Moscow Mule mugs from Sur la Table
BOTTOM CENTER: Copper lanterns from Home Depot
BOTTOM RIGHT: Bouquet with copper wire wrap by Blush Botanicals, San Diego, California | Photo by Kristen Peelle Photography, San Diego, California