a look back

glen echo park bumper car pavilion glen echo maryland md wedding planner

Today we're taking the Pretty Entertaining Wayback Machine all the way to October 2008 and the very end of Courtney & Tom's reception at the Glen Echo Park Bumper Car Pavilion.

That's Courtney in the middle, her newly minted husband Tom to her left, Courtney's brother next to Tom, and Courtney's dad off at the right edge of the photo. This photo by Mary Kate McKenna Photography was snapped literally moments before the reception ended. Courtney and her family, Bostonians and Red Sox fans to the core, are singing their hearts out to Sweet Caroline.

This remains one of my favorite wedding moments ever. For one thing, I have to love a baseball moment at a wedding! But Courtney and Tom's families were both so amazing. I mean, they all just exuded love not only for each other, but also for people in general. I love people like that, don't you? Then to see everybody gathered at the end of the reception, full of joy and sharing in this ritual of love for their team... it just made me happy. Still does.

Courtney and Tom, we send you all our love and hope you enjoy the heck out of this baseball season! I think of you and this moment every time I hear Sweet Caroline.