we love hair jewelry

When I was planning my own wedding 10 years ago -- wow, I can't believe it's been that long already! -- I was definitely set on wearing a tiara. My philosophy was (and still is) that it's not often a woman has the opportunity to wear a veil and tiara, so it would be a shame not to take advantage.

I do remember looking at other kinds of hairpieces, though, just to be sure I was making the right choice, and I also remember that my response to nearly everything else I saw was, "Ick!" The market back then was flooded with heavy lace headpieces and rhinestone combs and barrettes that just... didn't look good. It took me a long time to even find a tiara I really loved.

Maybe that's why I'm so in love with the myriad hair jewelry options available to brides today. There are still plenty of gorgeous tiaras to be found, but if that's not your thing, then you're sure to find some other kind of hair ornament that's not only pretty, but is also a perfect complement to both your personal style and your wedding style.