we love flower walls

Oh my goodness, do we ever love flower walls! They're one of our favorite design trends of late. We love them because they make a big statement, and they can be an excellent answer to myriad design questions:

Q: What do we put behind the altar at our outdoor ceremony?
A: A flower wall would be gorgeous!

Q: I wish we had a more interesting backdrop for our photobooth.
A: A flower wall would be fun!

Q: Our reception space really needs some visual punch. Any ideas?
A: Hmmm... How about a flower wall?

See? They're just the right thing for a lot of wedding design situations. And they're so darned pretty!

Flower walls can be deliciously, extravagantly over the top, like these:

These walls are both very densely packed with stems, so as you can imagine, they required a lot of materials and also a lot of labor to put together. You can click on either image for more information about it, and the link to the wall of roses up there behind Tim Gunn features a very interesting photo progression showing the build process.

Looking for something a bit less opulent but with just as much personality? I'm in love with this wall of blossoms created by Green Wedding Shoes and Flower Muse for The Cream. The white space lets each flower shine on its own, but they still create a striking display all together. It reminds me of a really pretty botany textbook (I'm a science nerd, so this is a good thing.) Click on the photo below for more detail shots and even instructions for recreating this look yourself!

This wall of white paper flowers is also an eye-catcher, and no worries about wilting on a hot day! These beautiful blooms were created by Hartmann Studios.

This curtain of rose petals, created by the wonderfully gifted Françoise Weeks, is actually made of silk petals sewed together by hand! It's just beautiful -- so ethereal, and it almost glows in the light. If you're enterprising and have the time, this would make an excellent DIY project.

Do you love flower walls as much as we do? Which one of these is your favorite?