tell your guests where to go

Today we're going to talk about communicating with your guests.

Your wedding guests should know at every point in the day what they should be doing now (or at least what their options are), where to find what they need, and what's coming up next. When your guests have a clear understanding of what's going on they're able to move from one part of your celebration to the next with minimal confusion, which helps keep them happy and helps you stick to your timeline.

Mary Ann Clarke Scott, photo credit J Scott, via Creative Commons

Mary Ann Clarke Scott, photo credit J Scott, via Creative Commons

When I worked in corporate events we often discussed this in terms of guest throughput: How can we help guests move from point A to point B as quickly and efficiently as possible, ideally with no bottlenecks.

Now, you probably won't be thinking of your wedding in terms of throughput. In fact, many of my clients shy away from the idea of really thorough guest communication because they don't want to be seen as bossy or demanding. But think back to the events you've attended: Were you more comfortable milling around in a crowd of people who were all confused about what was going on, or were you more comfortable when the event organizers told you plainly what to do and maybe even how to do it? The latter, right? So don't put your guests in that uncomfortable position of having to figure things out for themselves.

Over the next few days, I'm going to share thoughts on communicating with your guests before your wedding, at the ceremony, at the reception, and after the wedding. I don't really like to leave you hanging like that, and I originally wrote this all up as one big piece, but when I looked over it I realized it had reached ridiculous proportions for a single post. So rather than publishing a whole novel, I'll break it down into these more reasonable sections:

  • Communicating with your guests before the wedding
  • Communicating with your guests at the ceremony
  • Communicating with your guests at the reception
  • Communicating with your guests after the wedding

Come back tomorrow when we'll talk all about the different ways of keeping your guests up to speed on your plans leading up to your wedding.

See you then!