what we do:rsvp tracking

One of the wedding and event services we offer is RSVP tracking.  How does it work?  Simple: You have your RSVPs directed to us.  This usually means using our mailing address on the RSVP card envelopes.  For events using electronic RSVP, we're happy to set up a vanity email just for your event.



When your RSVPs start rolling in, we keep track of who's coming to your event and who's not.  We'll make this information available to you via your client workspace (we update it daily), and you can always call or email us for current totals as well.

We save all of the RSVPs, whether they're on paper or via email, so that you can have them to keep.  Many respondents will write sweet little notes on their cards, and they're fun keepsakes to mount in an album or tuck into your wedding memory box.  We can either collect them until they're all in (a popular option for our out-of-town couples) or deliver them to you every few days as they come in.



This is the best part:  Once your RSVP-by date arrives, we'll make phone calls to any invitees who've not yet replied and tactfully ask about their plans.  Our clients have found that this works much better for them than if they were making the calls:  People are more likely to reply to a call made by an "official" party (guess we have klout!), and our couples don't get caught up in unexpectedly long conversations with family and friends.  Not that you don't want to spend time talking with the people you love, but it's hard to make it through those RSVP followup calls when each call stretches out into a catch-up session.

So there you go!  That's RSVP tracking in a nutshell.

RSVP tracking is available as part of our Full Wedding Planning package, and it's also available as an a la carte add-on for any of our wedding or event clients.

Still have questions?  Give us a call or drop us a line!  We'd love to talk with you about RSVP tracking and the many other services we offer that make wedding and event planning easier for you.

Photo credits:  Invitations photo and spreadsheet photo both via sxc.hu.