what to do with your engagement ring during the wedding ceremony

During your wedding ceremony, your husband- or wife-to-be will place your wedding band on your left ring finger, and it's supposed to occupy the space closest to your heart.  That means the wedding band goes on the inside (closer to the palm) and the engagement ring goes on the outside (closer to the fingertip).  The thing is, since you're already wearing your engagement ring on that finger, how do you get the wedding band to its proper position during the ceremony?

wedding ring ceremony

Easy:  Before the ceremony begins, move your engagement ring to your right hand.  Once your new wedding band is in place on your left hand, you can move the engagement ring back to the left hand to join it.

Some people like to quietly move it over during the ceremony -- maybe during a time when their guests' attention is diverted by a music solo or some other activity -- so it'll be in place for the walk back down the aisle and any photos that are taken then.  I actually recommend to my couples that they wait until after the ceremony to move the ring.  Many people are nervous or excited enough during the ceremony that they could easily fumble the engagement ring during the switch and drop it, which would turn your sneaky switcheroo into the focal point of the ceremony -- not what you want.

engagement ring

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photo credits:  top photo and bottom photo both via wikimedia commons