happy thanksgiving!(plus a small business saturday deal)

Happy Thanksgiving! I love Thanksgiving.  I love that it's simply about saying thank you.  No gifts are expected (other than perhaps a small token of appreciation for the Thanksgiving host or hostess); we just gather together to reflect on our blessings and thank God and each other for all we have.  It's something we should take the time to do every single day, but since life tends to get hectic and we tend to speed up to keep up, it's good that we take at least one day out of the year to slow down and be grateful.

Thanksgiving Grace, 1942

What are we grateful for at Pretty Entertaining?

We're grateful for our clients. Obviously our clients keep us in business, for which we're extremely grateful, but we love them for more than that.  Our clients are really neat:  They're funny, thoughtful, unique people who invite us into their lives for a little while to share in their journey toward marriage or another milestone occasion.  It's so much fun spending several months getting to know them, and with each event, we feel like our family's gotten a little larger.

We're grateful for the support of our families.  Running a business is a huge deal.  Huge!  It takes a lot of time and energy behind the scenes to keep things going, and our families willingly give us their unending support.  From putting up with our late-night brainstorming sessions to spending extra time with the kids (thanks, Grandma & Grandpa!) to picking up our housekeeping slack on big event weekends, we're grateful for everything you do.

We're grateful for our wedding- and event-industry colleagues.  Most of them are fellow small business owners, so they understand the challenges I mentioned above.  Many of them are the vendors with whom we work to bring our clients' events to life, and we love knowing that we can always count on them to bring their best work.  All of them are talented and smart and generous, and they inspire us and humble us.  We're grateful to count them as friends.

Thank you all!

. . .


Now, on to that Small Business Saturday deal:

We really believe in small businesses, and we think it's pretty cool that American Express has thrown its support behind a day to recognize and support small businesses nationwide.  (There are actually a lot of organizations and individuals involved, and we encourage you to visit the official Small Business Saturday webpage, scroll to the bottom, and look at the complete list of 2011 Small Business Saturday Supporters.)

We're proud to participate this year by offering a 15% discount to clients on all of our products and services.  And since we know that event design isn't the sort of thing you just head out on a random Saturday to buy, we're extending that 15% discount for two weeks.

Any clients booking services or ordering products between Saturday, November 26th 2011, and Saturday, December 10th, 2011, will receive a 15% discount on their total purchase.

That works out to be a pretty big deal for you:  It's approximately a $200 discount on our month-of coordination package, $400 off for partial planning, and an amazing $800 off on our full planning package!

Be sure to contact us soon to schedule a time to get together to discuss what we can bring to your event.  We can't wait to meet you!

Photo credit:  Thanksgiving family photo via Wikimedia Commons.