happy dance time!

I love wedding magazines.  Love them!  Oh, the fabulous eye candy!  The dresses, the flowers, the photography...  They're just so pretty and fun. My hands-down favorite wedding magazine is Washingtonian Bride & Groom.  It's a local magazine that started a couple of years ago, and everything about it feels like it's done just right.  The style and quality of the magazine, from the photography to the art design to the feel of the paper it's printed on, make it a thorough pleasure to page through each issue.  It's only published twice a year, so when I get a new issue I always set it aside until I have some good, uninterrupted indulgence time, because reading it without distractions is a treat for me.  And it's no secret in our home that one of these days, I'd love to have my work featured in the magazine.

Last night I finally had time to page through my latest issue  (Summer/Winter 2011).  My work was done, the little boys were asleep, the dishes were washed, and I had a decent chunk of time all to myself.  So my new Washingtonian Bride & Groom came off the top of my to-be-read stack and joined me on the sofa.  Isn't it pretty?

I'm a front-to-back magazine reader.  I start at the beginning and work my way to the back page by page, reading almost every word as I go.  That means that it takes a little while to make it to my favorite section of the magazine, which features real weddings from around the D.C. area:

So there I sat last night, paging contentedly through my magazine, reading about real DC weddings of all styles, when I turned to this:

and I was all (in my head), "Oh, look at that adorable couple!  Look how happy they are!  So, so sweet.  And the colors!  Gorgeous!  And ooooohhhh, that little flower girl is darling.  I'll bet she loved wearing that dress.  And...  What?  What the what?!?  What's that doing there?"  That last bit as my eye went to the bottom right corner of the spread and landed on this:

Then I stood up and squealed and did a very brief happy dance, then I returned to my magazine.

Why the happy dance?  See that little sign that reads "The Perfect Catch?"  It came from our studio!  And there it is, right on page 75 of the latest issue of my favorite wedding magazine.  Yay!

Turns out this is one of Holly Chapple's weddings, and of course we've made a couple of sets of these chalkboards for her that she uses in her event design.

How totally fun to randomly come across one in print!  It's nice to see your work being used and enjoyed.

I hope you all have a happy dance moment of your own this week!  And when you do, tell us about it!  We love vicariously happy dancing too.  We'll be back tomorrow with tips about another photography site.