into the drink!

I got an email this morning that was too good not to share:  Pottery Barn's having a sale, and many of their drink dispensers are 20% off through the Fourth of July!  These are among the items marked down: Decorator's Drink Dispenser

Pottery Barn Mason Jar Drink Dispenser

Pottery Barn Jug Drink Dispenser

Pottery Barn Glass Drink Dispenser

Pottery Barn Glass Double Drink Dispenser

Pottery Barn Ceramic Stripe Drink Dispenser

Pottery Barn Ceramic Monogrammable Drink Dispenser

A funny note about that last one:  Molly Erdman featured the Ceramic Monogrammable Drink Dispenser in her very funny Catalog Living blog.  You can read that entry here. Looks like Pottery Barn reads Molly's blog too, because the apostrophe has disappeared!

Anyway, pretty drink dispensers are perfect for summer weddings and parties, and if you can get them on sale, even better!  And items like these are among my favorite wedding expenditures because you can use them again, so they're both practical and sentimental.

Which one is your favorite?  (I'm partial to the Ceramic Stripe and the Mason Jar, myself.)  And are you planning on including a detail like this at your upcoming event?

Note:  Pretty Entertaining does not accept compensation in any form in return for mention on our blog or website, and we were neither asked to write about this sale nor compensated in return for this post by Pottery Barn or any other company or individual.  We just love the drink dispensers, and we love them even more when they're on sale!