beachy paddle fan wedding programs for ellen & scotty

I'm so embarrassed that I'm only just now blogging about these.  I created these paddle fan wedding programs last summer for Ellen and Scotty, an adorable couple who were planning a small destination wedding at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  What's that you asked?  Did I just say last summer? Yes.  Yes, I did.  I know, I know...

Custom Paddle Fan Wedding Programs

Here's my story:  I designed and created these programs for Ellen and Scotty, waited on blogging about them until after the wedding so as not to spoil any of the fun and surprises for the wedding guests, then got really busy.  Then all of a sudden it was autumn!  And autumn photos of beachy programs just felt wrong.  As did winter photos and spring photos, but then...  It was summer again!

Custom Paddle Fan Wedding Programs

My original plan was to take these babies to the beach and stick them in the sand for a little on-location photoshoot, but the other day I realized, hey!  Summer is here!  Officially!  And I have no beach time in my immediate future.  So instead, I give you a beach in a vase, complete with paddle fan programs for a beach wedding.

Custom Paddle Fan Wedding Programs

Ellen and Scotty had decided on a palette of brown and turquoise shades accented with white.  They also wanted a very breezy, modern feel to all of their stationery -- nothing too formal or traditional.  I created a design for them featuring line art of a splashy shell, with their names in a casual turquoise handwriting font.  The background fades from light at the top to sandy at the bottom, and the deep chocolate comes in as the border of the ampersand between their names.

Custom Paddle Fan Wedding Programs

The program backs feature the outline of the ceremony, with the important family members and the officiant listed at the bottom.  The same splashy shell from the front reappears here as a divider between the two sections.

The printed part of the fan is mounted on heavyweight pale turquoise paper, which is mounted on curvy paddle fan sticks.  Then everything is tied with wide, creamy grosgrain ribbon.

We were delighted to hear from the bride and groom that the wedding went off without a hitch, and that the paddle fans were a big hit!

Thanks, Ellen and Scotty, for asking us to create something for your special day.  And hey, happy anniversary, you two!  Hope it's been an amazing, wonderful, magical first year of marriage.

I love a unique wedding program, and fan programs are just right for warm outdoor weddings.  How about you?  Are you planning, or did you use, a unique program idea for your wedding?  Tell us about it!