We're it!

We got tagged this morning by Laura over at Wish Special Events. Thanks, Laura! I haven't seen this one before. Here goes: Four things I did today: 1. Finalized the floral order for one of my October weddings 2. Chased my one-year old down the hall naked (him, not me) 3. Measured the lawn at the Lloyd House with my cool new 300' (wow!) tape measure 4. Put the finishing touches on Courtney and Tom's wedding day timeline

Four things on my to-do list: 1. Revise my budgeting spreadsheet so it's easier on the eyes 2. Make flower cones for Mai and Joe 3. Pre-attach monofilament to a bunch of paper lanterns so I can hang them quickly onsite 4. Housework. Oh, the housework.

Four of my guiltiest pleasures: 1. Guinness Extra Stout. It's good with everything. Especially... 2. Ice cream. Yup. Vanilla ice cream & Guinness floats are amazing. You should try it. 3. Mousehunt on Facebook. Such a waste of time, but fun! :) 4. Bad 80s synthpop music

Four random facts about me: 1. I used to do a lot of biking, but lately I haven't had time. I'm hoping to get in some good cycling this winter after wedding season winds down. 2. I can wiggle my scalp 3. I'd love to live in Germany 4. My favorite number is 13

Now I have to tag four other people... Hmmmm... Okay you four, it's your turn!

1. Pernell and Karen at Blue Square Productions 2. Kay at Howerton-Wooten Events 3. Kathi, my favorite vicar 4. Letetia Nicole at Simply Beautiful Concepts