Several weeks ago I was invited by Mary and David at MallowDrama to come out to their home/bakery in Reston for a cake tasting.  Never one to turn down cake, I of course enthusiastically accepted! Mary and David had baked up samples of some of their favorite cakes and had them beautifully arranged along with little mounds of different frostings and bowls of homemade fruit and cream fillings, and I got to assemble my own mini-cake creations.  It was fun and delicious.  I love cake, so I'm afraid I didn't even think about taking a photo of the spread until after I'd already partially devoured it...

Mary and David are adventurous in the kitchen, and it shows in their list of flavors.  Along with the standard vanilla and chocolate cakes, they offer flavors like chocolate mole, orange French pound cake, and peanut butter.  The list of icings and fillings includes offerings like various buttercreams and flavored ganaches (toasted coconut ganache sounds yummy!); and fruit fillings like raspberry mousse, apricot preserves, and caramelized pears.  They do their best to make everything from locally-grown ingredients, so the taste is always fresh and vibrant.

In addition to cakes, Mary and David make beautiful truffles by hand, and they had some on hand for me to try.  As you can see, those didn't last long either:

Like their cakes, the truffles come in the standard flavors you'd expect, but also in unusual varieties like rosemary, candy apple, and sweet curry.  They'd be great as wedding favors, or tucked into your out-of-towners' welcome baskets.

Mary and David are as nice as the treats they whip up.  They were even thoughtful enough to send home a cupcake for Mr. Husband to enjoy.  It's not often that he gets to reap the benefits of my job!  He pronounced his chocolate mole cupcake delicious, and ate every crumb.

If you're still looking for a wedding cake vendor, give MallowDrama a call!  Whether your taste runs to the comfortable or the exotic, you're sure to find a cake or confection you can't resist.