Filene's Basement Running of the Brides

It's that time again! The Filene's Basement store at Mazza Gallerie is hosting the Running of the Brides on Friday, August 1st -- only a little over a week away. For the maybe two of you who aren't familiar with the Running of the Brides, it's an annual deep-discount bridal gown sale unlike any other: Brides (and their teams, a.k.a. family and friends) line up outside the store well before opening time, then when the doors are flung open, rush toward rack upon rack of bridal gowns, all marked down to ridiculously low prices. I've never gone to the event myself (sadly, the city in which I married didn't have a Filene's Basement), but I've heard stories of brides getting multi-thousand dollar designer gowns for hundreds.

If you plan to go, then get there early. The queue outside the store often starts forming the night before. The other option is to get there late, after the huge crowds have dissipated and the Filene's Basement staff have had a chance to get things back in order again. According to Filene's, there are still great deals to be had later in the day for brides who just aren't into the mayhem of the morning rush.

If you go, then drop us a line and let us know what it was like! And of course, tell us all about the gorgeous dress you scored for a killer price.