why I love carnations

I started the week with flower bulbs, so why not continue the theme with flowers? Specifically, carnations. Not a bulb flower, but very pretty and one of my favorites. The mere mention of carnations may give you flashbacks to Valentine's Day flower sales in high school, and they've traditionally gotten a bit of a bad rap for being too ordinary, but when used right, they're anything but.  Let's look at all of the good things about carnations:

  • They come in lots and lots of colors, so you can be pretty sure you'll find flowers to work with your color scheme.
  • They're long-lasting. I still have the single white carnation I was given at church on Mother's Day sitting in a bud vase in my kitchen, and it looks absolutely as pretty as it did the day I walked out of church with it. That's 2 1/2 weeks and counting!
  • They smell wonderful. They have a sweet, delicate scent that's never overpowering.
  • They're inexpensive! (I probably should have put this at the top of the list...)
  • They can be great alternatives to much pricer blooms like peonies, especially when used en masse.  (The gorgeous pomander balls pictured at right are a great example.  Photo from www.growersbox.com.)
  • They're available year-round, so no worries about whether or not your flowers will actually be available during the season in which you've chosen to marry.
See why I love them? How about you? What do you think about carnations as wedding flowers?