Jamie and Grant

I promised you an update on Jamie and Grant's wedding, and here you go!  Don't they make a gorgeous couple?  And those happy looks on their faces are indicative of what was, all around, a wonderful wedding day. The wedding festivities began the day before with a rehearsal-day luncheon at Sholtz Garten, a traditional German biergarten in downtown Austin.  Mr. Husband and I used to go there with our church friends when we still lived in Austin, and it was lots of fun to visit again.

After lunch, we all headed up to the wedding venue for the rehearsal.  Jamie and Grant put a special spin on the rehearsal proceedings by bringing along a helium balloon, and the minister was kind enough to let them run through their vows so they could practice saying them like itty bitty cartoon characters.  I wish I'd taken video of that, but you'll just have to take my word for it when I say that it was hilarious!

May in Texas is usually quite hot, but these two were blessed with a pleasant, breezy afternoon and evening for their wedding celebration at Kindred Oaks in Georgetown, Texas.  Normally, of course, I'm behind the scenes at the weddings I attend, but this time I was honored to serve as one of Jamie's bridesmaids!  I still got to be a part of the background action, though:

Jamie asked me to design and assemble her wedding programs for her, and I was also able to lend a hand at putting together some flower arrangements for the arbor that was the backdrop for the ceremony.

Later at the reception (traditional Texas barbecue with all the trimmings -- yum!!!) I couldn't resist monitoring the timeline a bit.  It's hard to go to a wedding and sit still!  I hope the extra hands were a help.  :)

To Jamie and Grant:  Thank you so much for including me in your day!  It was an honor.  And welcome to married life!  I hope you'll find it as richly rewarding as Mr. Husband and I do!