flower bulb wedding favors

I love flower bulbs as wedding favors. They’re small and easy to transport (a plus for your out-of-town guests); once planted, they’re a long-lasting reminder of your wedding day; and living things that add to the beauty of our world are always a good thing. This is a great time to be buying flower bulbs, as many online bulb retailers have their extra stock of bulbs from spring on sale. Simply store them properly until wedding time, and you can get all those favors purchased for pennies. While the bulbs themselves may not be much to look at, you can package them up beautifully by nestling them in a bed of excelsior in a cute favor box.

Be sure to include planting instructions, and if you have guests coming from different parts of the country, try to include information for each growing region that will be represented.

How do you decide which bulbs to choose? If one of your favorite flowers happens to grow from a bulb, then choose the variety you like best and explain on the favor tag why it’s special to you. Even better, if you happen to be using tulips, ranunculus, lilies, or some other bulb flower in your bouquet or your decorations, then try to find bulbs for that particular flower. Your guests will have a reminder of the beauty of your day each time their flower blooms! And even though you’ll only be giving each guest one or two bulbs (or maybe a few more if they’re especially small), bulbs multiply year after year, so your gift will keep on giving.