a la carte services

Many of the services available in our wedding packages are also available a la carte. Need help with something you don't see listed on our website? Just ask! Our goal is to make your wedding day as effortless and memorable for you as possible, so there's not much we can't or won't do.

Our a la carte offerings include:

We'll help you come up with the perfect wedding favors for your guests, and if they need some assembly or packaging, then we'll take care of that part as well. We'll also store them for you until your wedding day, when we'll make sure they're arranged just right at your reception.

Especially if you're expecting a large number of out-of-town guests, maps are an important way to make sure everyone arrives at your events on time and with minimal stress. We can design and produce custom maps that are appropriate for insertion into your invitations, or to be distributed in your welcome bags or at the wedding ceremony.

Menu Cards.
Menu cards are becoming an increasingly popular reception accessory. We can design and produce distinctive cards featuring your dinner menu, hors d'oeuvre menu, or even the name and a description of your signature cocktail.

We can work with you to design and produce wedding programs that coordinate with your invitations and reflect the style and unique aspects of your special day.

RSVP Tracking.
Tracking RSVP responses is one of the most time-consuming and least enjoyable wedding-planning tasks for most brides, so hand it over to us! Have your guests' responses sent to us, and we'll keep track of who's happily accepted your invitation and who's regretfully declined. Most importantly, we'll contact any invitees who've neglected to reply and tactfully inquire as to their plans. Combine this with our invitation stuffing and posting service for even greater time savings!

While save-the-dates aren't a traditional must-have piece of wedding stationery, they are a great way to ensure that people reserve your special day in advance, especially if your wedding falls on or near a holiday weekend. We can design and produce save-the-dates that your wedding guests will remember. We'll even assemble, stuff, and post them for you!

Seating Chart or Escort Cards, Table Cards, and Placecards.
If you're planning on having prearranged seating at your reception, then you're going to need either a seating chart or escort cards at the reception entrance, table cards to identify each table, and a placecard at each guest's seat. We can design and produce beautiful and creative pieces to direct your guests to their seats, all while carrying forward the unique style of your event. We'll even set them up for you at your reception venue!

Stuff and Post Invitations.
Stuffing and posting your invitations is not only time-consuming, but it also involves an etiquette all its own: Which piece goes on top? Does it matter which direction things face? What should you -- and shouldn't you -- include? Save yourself the hassle by letting us take care of it for you. Simply provide us with your invitation components and the appropriate postage; and we'll stuff, stamp, and post your invitations for you. Combine this with our RSVP tracking service for even greater time savings!

Welcome Bags.
Let us design and assemble small gift bags to welcome out-of-town guests who will be attending your wedding. We'll even deliver them to your guests' hotels and have them placed in your guests' rooms for you prior to their arrival.

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