frequently asked questions

Do you work with same-sex weddings?
Absolutely! We love weddings of all kinds. Commitment ceremonies too! And we fully support the right of each individual, regardless of sexual orientation, to marry the person they love.

Do I really need a day-of coordinator for my wedding?
Yes. Yes, you do. Want to know how I know? Being an events pro myself, I thought I could handle it all myself and didn't hire a day-of coordinator for my wedding. Yeah... Ask me how that went. I'll tell you all about it.

My venue has its own coordinator. Do I need to hire an event planner of my own?
Venue coordinators are wonderful. We've worked with coordinators at venues all around Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC, and we're proud to call a lot of them friends. We love having them around at events because they know their venues inside and out, which is invaluable! Venue coordinators, though, work for the venue, not for the people having the event. So if you're looking for someone to work directly with and for you on the day of your event, then yes, you'll want to hire your own event planner as well.

Are you going to take over my wedding?
Nope. Our goal is to create a wedding that's uniquely expressive of you and your story as a couple, so we value your input above all else! We'll guide you, keep you organized, and offer opinions and ideas. We'll manage as much of the logistical stuff -- and the creative stuff, too -- as you want us to. But we will not steamroll you or silence your voice.