about stephanie

Hi there! I'm Stephanie Aspinwall, and I'm the founder and lead event planner here at Pretty Entertaining.

I got my start in the world of event design and management way back in 1996, working as a venue coordinator at an event facility in Austin, Texas. It was an awesomely fun job. I got to help our clients -- most of whom were planning corporate events, but there were some social events mixed in there too -- put together parties that always left their guests talking about the great time they'd had.

I had a degree in Environmental Science, though, and I eventually decided I ought to put it to use, so I left events and worked as a scientist and trainer. I loved those jobs too but I always really missed events, and I harbored fantasies of opening up my own event company. Someday.

Someday came when my husband and I were expecting our first child. My career had me travelling all over the country about three weeks out of every month and I knew there was no job that would keep me away from my new baby 75% of the time, so I resigned and started my own event business instead.

Opening Pretty Entertaining has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. I've met amazing couples planning their weddings, friends planning surprises, families planning celebrations... In short, I've gotten to work with a lot of people planning expressions of love for one another. And I've loved every minute of it. Planning weddings and events here in Washington, D.C., is truly the best job ever -- I'm so lucky!

My prior experience working both in the sciences and in training have given me valuable skills in logistics, project management, and communication, all of which are super handy to have when you're planning events. I like to tell people that being an event planner is essentially project management with pretty things.

We have three little boys now (that first baby was born in 2007, and the other two followed in 2009 and 2013 -- are they cute or what?), and our home is full of noise and silliness and love.


Boy Trio-1.jpg

I'm a big fan of:

  • Peonies
  • Chocolate
  • Beer
  • Knitting
  • Cooking
  • Reading everything in sight
  • Classical music

I could do without:

  • Spiders
  • Pumpkin anything (except jack o' lanterns -- I love those!)